Managing the quest for success

Do you call yourself a freelancer, an entrepreneur, an independent consultant, a solo practitioner, a small-business owner?

Does your biggest client congratulate you on being the best-kept secret in your profession, with no sense of the irony behind that label?

Are you tired of feeling as if you should change the name of your entrepreneurial venture to Broke But Brilliant?

Does your win-the-lottery retirement plan look like less of a sure thing than it did five years ago?

Are you looking for business advice?

Then congratulations! You’ve come to the wrong place, and we hope you’ll stick around!

We’re Successproof Your Life, and we specialize in seeing the absurdities that lurk beneath entrepreneurs’ never-ending quest for the secrets to finding the best clients on earth, quadrupling what you charge, and retiring to the French Riviera on the proceeds of all that easy work. We’ve been there, done that, and worn out the t-shirt.

Sales systems, success seminars, life coaching, hypnotic acupuncture, Pet Rock therapy: After a while, all of it runs together in a constant stream of often-conflicting advice, attached to price tags you may not be able to afford without visiting a nearby pawn shop. Of course, some of the consultants who dispense this advice warn you that the willingness to pay for it equals a commitment to using it. Yeah, whatever.

We thought about going into the legitimate advice-giving business, but that’s too much work. Instead of big-ticket help, we offer you small-ticket insights designed to distract you from your misery long enough to realize that hey, you’re not alone: Lots of people share your creative sense of desperation.

Ready to get started? Ready to sink past the limits of your expectations? Click here to embark on the Successproof Your Life℠ program of Inverse Consulting℠ services, or click here for our Professional Worrying℠ services. We’re happy to be of no help whatsoever, other than (we hope) to offer you a well-placed chuckle or two and relieve you of a few bucks in the process.