Worried about worries?

Are you worried? Does the process of acquiring new clients, building relationships with decision makers, retaining the clients you already have, formulating responses to project needs, and the rest of the courtship dance of proprietorship and entrepreneurialism leave you tied in knots and staring at the TV at 3:00 a.m., to the point that you’ve begun to recognize infomercial hosts by name?

Are you worried about worry? Are you concerned that you’re worrying too much or not enough, that you’re worrying about the wrong things, that (heaven forfend!) you’re not worrying effectively, efficiently, or strategically enough?

You’ve heard pundits say that worry equals inertia. That worry is a poor substitute for action. That instead of worrying about what you ought to do and how you ought to do it, you ought to get started doing. That you traverse the road to success by walking on it, not by standing still and fretting.

Whoever told you those things might be right. That doesn’t make these goals easy to accomplish—or lessen your worries about reaching them.

Worrying well isn’t an easy task

Worry is a complex process filled with subtleties and bristling with nuances. Timing, duration, mindset, surroundings, focus: All these factors contribute to creating the optimal circumstances for productive worry.

Worrying well demands purposeful hard work. It’s not a task that amateurs approach with confidence or execute with skill. Many people bumble distractedly into worry, complete only a few of its essential elements, and move on with no real sense of accomplishment or closure. That absence of certainty points to an act of worry that’s at best incomplete and unproductive.

And yet all of us find ourselves pressed into service as worriers, charged with maintaining the correct level and type of concern in our individually unique lives. Some people channel their energies into worry at the expense of other activities. Some fear worry so much that they neglect it altogether. Some act out in ways designed to trigger others to worry about them, essentially passing the buck to individuals who hold no compelling stake in the outcome of the process.

Meanwhile, worry gets a bad name. Psychiatrists try to medicate it out of existence. Psychologists engage clients in long bouts of talk therapy designed to minimize it. Physicians claim that it imbalances our blood and brain chemistries, potentially compromising health and well being.

We’re bombarded with messages suggesting that worry is bad for us, that it offers no productive insights or outcomes. At the same time, deep inside, we know that anything can go wrong at any time, and that worry offers one of our only means of offsetting the potential for disaster in our lives.

Both of these messages hold deep truths. Yes, worry is bad for you—if you worry about the wrong things in the wrong way. Yes, the lack of worry is bad for you—if you neglect to exhibit enough of the care and concern required to manage your life and stave off the prospect of chaos.

To balance out those truths and fulfill the promise of worry in your daily life, call on our Professional Worrying℠ service counselors, a class of experts little known until Successproof Your Life℠ services made their expertise available to everyone who understands the value of well-done worry.

These trained, sincere, caring, thoughtful specialists leap into the fray like superheros, supporting the sagging bridges that link the parts of our lives together, pondering and even vocalizing the proverbial worsts that can happen in each individual client’s life. Symbolically and metaphorically, they stave off disaster by calling out its name and counteracting it.

Visualize the moments in which you’ve felt the greatest worries of your life. Magnify those feelings exponentially, and you begin to approach the effort, energy, and skill involved in the process of providing Professional Worrying℠ services. That process yields moments of such high drama, with such high stakes, that we share only its results with our clients, not the specific steps involved. Every day, Professional Worrying℠ service counselors look into the abyss with unflinching eyes, serving their clients’ peace of mind without hesitation.

Now imagine the comfort you’ll feel when you finally can say that your worries are gone. Not that you have no worries, simply that someone with the training, strength, and power to handle this important work has assumed responsibility for those concerns you’ve struggled to carry, let alone address. With one of our Professional Worrying℠ service counselors on your side, you’ll gain that deep sense of peaceful balance.

The moment you contact Successproof Your Life℠ and request that one of our Professional Worrying℠ service counselors enters your life, you’ll feel relief bathe your mind with soothing comfort.

If what we’ve said up to this point gives you the strong sense that this invaluable option is just what you need, we salute your decision! Make today the day that your concerns fall into place. Click here to start the process of enrolling with one of our Professional Worrying℠ service counselors. Don’t leave your worries to chance!

About Professional Worrying℠ service counselors

Professional Worrying℠ service counselors could walk past you on the street without signalling their remarkable capabilities in any aspect of their appearance or conduct. These extraordinary individuals blend into mainstream society with no hint of their superlative skills, talents, and expertise visible to the casual observer. Until you see the benefits of their work first hand, you may not even realize that these professionals exist.

Becoming a Professional Worrying℠ service counselor involves an unstinting regimen of training, study, and step-by-step development, from introductory-level client loads up to the mastery you’ll find in every member of our dedicated team of experts.

Undergraduate training: These professionals begin with college curricula designed to develop their basic skills. They may focus on English or other languages, the arts, mathematics, the sciences, technological fields, hospitality and tourism, or even general studies. Any of these fields can provide the underpinnings for a successful career as a Professional Worrying℠ service counselor. Typically, they deliberately carry heavy academic loads, choose elective courses in fields they know nothing about, and attend few enough classes to make high grades difficult to achieve in every course. They must graduate summa cum laude (4.0 on a 4.0 grading scale) to qualify for further training.
Specialized graduate study: At the graduate level, the practical curriculum takes hold. Professional Worrying℠ service counselors major in Professional Studies, a discipline that requires them to remain in school for decades, ceaselessly switching from one core major to another. Handling their own worries that their lives will dwindle into fruitlessness helps them gain advanced insights into the process of worry.
Post-graduate training: Once prospective Professional Worrying℠ service counselor trainees reach this level, they learn to focus their ability to worry about themselves into performance of similar services for their clients. At this stage, the training becomes confidential.
Probationary service: Entry-level Professional Worrying℠ service counselors begin with light case loads and part-time working hours. We restrict them to covering simpler cases, or to accepting subsidiary portions of larger client projects.
Full master status: Once Professional Worrying℠ service counselors demonstrate their abilities to handle the full brunt of complex, multi-faceted cases, they undertake full-time service at the master level.

At Successproof Your Life℠, we offer you access to the only Professional Worrying℠ service counselors on Planet Earth. We hire only the finest practitioners to work with the individuals who entrust us with their worries. Some of our Professional Worrying℠ service counselors have served stints as online psychics. Others have worked as infomercial hosts. All of them are real people, not actors. If we’ve convinced you that the services of a Professional Worrying℠ service counselor can offer you the peace of mind you seek, click here to begin your enrollment.

How the Professional Worrying℠ service process works

When you sign up with one of our Professional Worrying℠ service counselors, you complete a brief form on which you specify the aspects of your life with which you want assistance. Some clients include family members or employees in a deluxe package. Some limit the services they request to one specific realm of their endeavors, such as workplace needs, social and dating problems, or wardrobe analysis. Some only want short-term assistance with a single problem, such as a critical phase of a long-term project. We do not request DNA samples, phone interviews, photographs, or other documents besides the enrollment form. All we need is your brief, confidential input—and a modest service fee.

Depending on the depth and duration of the service you request, the nature of your problem, and the replies you give to simple, non-intrusive background questions, we assign you to the Professional Worrying℠ counselor we believe will match up best with your personality and needs.

After we receive your information and your payment, we send out your Professional Worrying℠ service package documentation, complete with Talisman Card, guidebook, Professional Worrying℠ service counselor profile, and certificate. Meanwhile, you can relax in the knowledge that a highly trained expert is doing the worrying for you.

Don’t be fooled by companies that claim they’ll “Take the Worries off Your Mind,” or tell you that when you engage their services, you can “Stop Worrying and Start Living.” None of them are credentialed Professional Worrying℠ service counselors! None of them can offer the kind of peace of mind that comes when you finally subcontract your worries to someone who can handle them.

No more unfocused, unproductive worry

Don’t stop worrying! Just stop doing the worrying yourself! Unless you’re a Professional Worrying℠ service counselor, you’re simply not skilled enough at worrying. Don’t leave something this crucial to the combination of chance and an amateur’s best efforts—not now, when you can resolve your worries about worry once and for all!

Tell us your worries. Tell us what you’re afraid will or won’t happen. Tell us how you’re convinced the movie ends and why it shouldn’t be that way. We’ll lift that burden off your shoulders and put it on ours. You can rest easy while we worry like the dickens—and we’ll send you the documentation to prove it!

Are you ready for real worry? Productive, professional worry, without all the stress falling on your daily life? Then click here right now to get started on the solution to all your worry problems!