Our story

Thanks for frittering away some time on our website. Given what we talk about and what we say about it, we might be remiss if we didn’t clarify our intentions.

This is humor, people! You can hear us laughing! That should be a clue!

Actually, come to think of it, you can’t (hear us, that is), which is why we’re telling you this.

Suppose you’re one of the entrepreneurs to whom the majority of this site seeks to appeal. Should you do either of the following?
a. Take this site as a serious source of advice or
b. Take this site as a serious rejection of consulting advice

Answer: Neither. This is humor! Not advice. Not rejection of advice. Maybe rejection of bad advice, but not the specification of whose advice is good and whose is bad. That’s your call.

So you’re a consultant. Are your knickers bunching up at what we’ve said on here?

We’d say, “Get over it,” but that might sound rude.

OK, the heck with it. Get over it! This is humor, people, along with redundancy, now that we’ve actually told you that twice. If you think you’ve spotted yourself among the consultant descriptions here, that’s impossible. Sure, we’ve met consultants, and we might even have met you, but this is humor! Not biography, not éxposé, not propaganda.

Whoever you are, with any luck, we’ve entertained you, talked you out of an e-mail address and a few bucks, and left you chuckling. That, good people, summarizes the entirety of the intentions of this site. And if you haven’t given us an e-mail address or bought something from us yet, here’s another chance to sign up for Inverse Consulting services and Professional Worrying services.