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When the process of being an entrepreneur collides with the demands of the field you’re in, the results can leave you disoriented and confused. Consultants offer the comforting vision of insights you can’t reach on your own, solutions you wouldn’t figure out without help, and fresh perspectives that can help you reset your outlook and move away from habits that kill your professional momentum.

At Successproof Your Life, we’ve set up our Inverse Consulting℠ services to provide the exact opposite of all those forward-thinking, life-changing experiences. We’re solution free. We’re likelier to celebrate inertia than propel ourselves into activity. After all, who wants to combine a comfy seat on the couch with the drive toward getting busy?

Inverse Consulting℠ services are all about helping you forget about help, except to get a chuckle out of the foibles of running a business. Call us consultant-free consulting.

You can tell us your troubles the same way you’d unburden yourself to one of the consulting-behavior paradigms we’ve described elsewhere on this very website. You can feel the relief of getting some of the things that bug you out into the open. Of course, when you’re doing those things, no one’s actually sitting in the same room or on the other end of a telephone conversation or e-mail discussion listening, saying “I see” periodically in a sage tone of voice, and asking you how you feel about that.

But we’ll send you proof that you’re taking steps to move your business forward. Proof you can frame and admire, contemplate when things are bugging you, and even advise your entrepreneurial friends to get for themselves. And we’ll leave a whole lot more of your hard-earned money in your very own pocket than any real consultant can!

Inverse Consulting℠ Service Packages: Documentation

  1. Certification of Inverse Consulting℠ services
    Successproof Your Life℠ Inverse Consulting℠ service certificate Successproof Your Life℠ service certificate presentation folderAs an Inverse Consulting℠ service client, you receive a personalized official certificate that shows the world you have problems about which we can do nothing but offer a small dose of paid sympathy. This document’s authenticity and sheer good looks make a great first impression on clients, vendors, and co-workers, enough to get you some serious brownie points with people who don’t bother to get up close and read stuff that looks darned impressive from a safe distance! This certificate is signed by the officers of Successproof Your Life, and embossed with the official seal of our Inverse Consulting℠ service division. Enclosed in a deluxe black presentation folder with gold foil identification.

  2. Inverse ConsultingClient-Speak Translator Card
    Successproof Your Life℠ Inverse Consulting℠ Client-Speak Translator CardYour Inverse Consulting℠ service documentation package includes an official wallet-sized translator card that speeds your attempts to decipher clients’ remarks and behaviors and anticipate their significance. You’ll be amazed at the clarity and understanding you gain, even in truly cryptic situations, and you’ll feel better equipped to plan your next moves accordingly. No more desperate attempts to cut through the fog of obtuse comments that leave you clutching your desk accessories and exclaiming, “If only I knew what that meant!” Inverse Consulting℠ services offer you these exclusive insights as part of the Successproof Your Life commitment to you and your business. Credit-card sized and enclosed in a deluxe presentation envelope.

  3. Official Guide to Inverse ConsultingServices
    Successproof Your Life℠ Inverse Consulting℠ service guidebookTo get the full value from your Inverse Consulting℠ services, you receive an official guidebook that provides one-size-fits-all encouragement, along with insider tips derived from our long experience in working with entrepreneurs. There’s even a section designed to offer what we call Holistic Discouragement℠, through which you allow yourself to get in touch with the full spectrum of entrepreneurial angst as a means of transcending the challenges you face. Sounds great, and impresses everyone at your LinkedIn networking and business card swapping event. This deluxe 16-page booklet comes in its own personalized envelope.

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