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Welcome to Professional Worrying℠ services! Our distinguished roster of uniquely trained and talented counselors will lift the burden of worry from your mind, transforming your life.

We have received your Professional Worrying℠ service order and will begin processing it immediately. Because of the customized nature of the Professional Worrying℠ service-package documentation, please expect to receive your materials in 4 to 6 weeks.

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How to Work with Your Professional Worrying℠ Service Counselor

Successproof Your Life has set up the Professional Worrying℠ service system to save you the time and trouble of communicating with the expert counselor assigned to your case. In fact, a brief review of the situation quickly shows why adding personal contact to the service would negate the productive effects of this service.

You have identified a source of worry and delegated it to a Professional Worrying℠ service counselor for attention. If you communicate directly with that professional, what will be the likely subject of your exchange? Sophisticated statistical analysis reveals that you would inquire about the very worries you’ve delegated. Instead of transferring responsibility for these concerns to someone fully equipped to handle them, you therefore would transition to carrying on a conversation about those worries with the person who should be shouldering your burden for you. The net effects of this paradox are twofold. First, you get no relief from your worries. Second, your Professional Worrying℠ service counselor must stop providing service on your behalf and spend time discussing the matters about which he or she should be worrying.

For these very reasons, we not only discourage communication between clients and their Professional Worrying℠ service counselors; we actively prohibit it. You will find immeasurable relief in the presence of this simple barrier between yourself and a resurgence of your concerns.

Once again, thank you for becoming a valued client!